Weight Watchers


Happy Wednesday fellow losers (losers of weight that is)! Today has been an extremely busy day for me, so I’m quite late in getting to this blog post, but I still wanted to take a few minutes to talk about diet plans, and what does or doesn’t work you.

I, personally, am a Weight Watchers Online enthusiast. While I’m not a fan of the $17/month I have to pay, I have found it to be worth its weight (no pun intended) in gold. Weight Watchers gives you a certain amount of “points” per day based on your weight, age, gender, height, and basic health (i.e., smoking vs. non-smoking, are you breastfeeding, etc.), and every food has a certain point value. You also get an allowance of points to use over the course of the week, so it’s okay if you go over your daily point limit sometimes (though it’s not good to make it a habit).

Using an online tracking system (also available as a mobile app), you track what you eat and how many points you use in a day. You also use an activity tracker to track your exercise, and you get points for the exercise you do. You can then trade those points for food points, giving you the ability to eat more or indulge more if you so choose.  One day a week is your “weigh in” day when you weigh yourself to see what kind of progress you’ve made.

Instead of setting up one big goal (such as “I want to lose 30 pounds”), you set up smaller goals that you can achieve in a shorter amount of time. That way, you feel good about achieving small goals instead of continually feeling disappointed that you haven’t achieved your long term goal yet. And, of course, all of your short-term goals add up and eventually lead to your long-term one.

To help you achieve these goals, Weight Watchers offers many tools. There are online workout videos, healthy recipes, and countless articles about the science of weight loss, losing weight on a budget, losing weight while still cooking for your family, eating at restaurants, and dozens of other weight loss topics. There are also online groups you can join to talk and share with other Weight Watchers members. You can also set up a challenge (or join an existing one) where you work to reach a small goal (such as avoiding late-night snacking for 30 days) and have the support from other members who are also working to achieve the same thing. Each member tracks his/her progress each day, and all members of the challenge can see it and comment on it to encourage or help others. Check out the video (courtesy of You Tube) below to see a real-life success story of a person just like you and me who was able to lose weight. Look at how great she looks! We can have that, too!


Tracking what you eat every day can be a bit tedious, but it eventually becomes a habit once you do it for a few weeks. And once you begin to see results (usually within the first two weeks), you really know it’s worth it to keep tracking.

Weight Watchers may not be for you, but it’s definitely worth trying. It was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon, and I’ve been very happy with it so far. Unfortunately, the free trial only lasts 7 days, which isn’t much time to determine if a diet plan will work for you, but you can get the sign-up fee waived if you sign up for the three-month plan. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any weight-loss plan.

What about other diet plans? Do any of you have any experience with other plans such as Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem? I want to hear from you and learn what other plans may be helpful to us as we strive to achieve our weight loss goals.

-Melinda Gray

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